What is DUPR?

DUPR stands for Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating and is the most recognized system for pickleball ratings. Players who track play in DUPR get a rating from 2.0-8.0 that adapts dynamically with each match via their sophisticated algorithm. Join for free here.

What is DUPR-verified programming?

CityPickle now offers DUPR-verified programming to help support differentiated levels of play. Specific rating-oriented programs now require players to fall within a designated DUPR range. For these programs, players will link their DUPR account to our CityPickle app for automatic verification upon registration. It’s just a few clicks! 

Not interested in a ranking? No problem. CityPickle also offers Open Play options for players of all levels to mix & mingle.

Why are CityPickle leagues now DUPR-verified?

Leagues are most successful and fun when the level is well-defined and players are within a designated DUPR range.

How do I sign up for DUPR and get a rating?

To sign up for DUPR, create an account on mydupr.com.

You get a rating by tracking games with other players who are also registered with DUPR. You can log your own matches with any players who agree to enter scores into DUPR. Attend any of our DUPR events, where we organize matches and enter them on your behalf. Sign-up now for events that will be logged into DUPR.

What do I need to do to have my DUPR verified?

When you sign up for our leagues, you will be prompted to link your registration to your DUPR account. When you connect your account, your rating will automatically populate. If your rating is not within the designated range, you will not be able to register for that league.

To link your CityPickle account to DUPR, just open your CityPickle app and go to the account tab on the bottom right. From there, select DUPR Rating, and then follow the link to log into DUPR (you’ll need your username and password). Congratulations, you have now successfully linked your DUPR to your CityPickle account!

  • Pro Tip! Connect your DUPR now to save time registering when leagues drop!

How does DUPR’s algorithm work?

DUPR just released a new version of their algorithm and published a blog explaining their latest changes. You can read about it here and here.

What if my DUPR rating isn’t an accurate reflection of my level of play?

That happens! DUPR gets more accurate the more games you log, so the best remedy is to play more DUPR matches. You can accomplish this by playing with others who also want to log their matches, or by attending DUPR events. Over time, you’ll find that ratings continue to adapt and more accurately reflect your level. 

Help I Don't See a DUPR Rating Section in My Account.

Make sure your CityPickle app is updated on the app store. After updating the DURP Rating section should be visible in the account tab.