CityPickle App

How Can I Use The CityPickle App?

All users can use our app on the web by heading to this link. Additionally, you can download our IOS app

How Do I Book a Court on the App?

You can book a court at any of our courts on the booking tab of our app. To book:

  1. Select the location you want to book at.

  2. Click the day and hour(s) that you want to reserve.

  3. You'll get taken to a booking screen where you'll have the option to set your group size, select your court, and add a coach if you want to schedule a lesson.

  4. Press reserve and you are all booked

How Do I Sign up for Programming (Open Play & Clinics)?

You can sign up for programing on the programs tab of our app. To sign up for programming:

  1. Filter by level location and program type to find the programming you are looking for

  2. Click on the day you want to attend and view our offerings

  3. Select the program and click the sign-up button at the bottom of the screen

How can I edit my profile?

Edit your profile by going to the account section and clicking on account info. Here you can edit your email, name, phone number, and payment info and delete your account.

Is there an Android app?

Our Android app will be available soon. In the meantime, our booking site can be accessed through the web browser.