Gift Cards

How do I purchase a CityPickle gift card?

CityPickle offers electronic gift cards to purchase for yourself or gift to others. To purchase a gift card visit this page.

If you are looking to purchase a gift card for someone else, put their name and email address in the delivery details and an electronic gift card will be sent over to them.

What can I use my gift card balance for?

You can use your gift card balance for any reservation or booking of any kind at any of our locations. That includes private court reservations, clinics, open plays, leagues, and any other programming you see on our schedule!

How does the gift card process work?

After purchasing your gift card, credit will promptly be applied to the CityPickle account associated with the recipient's email. This credit will take the form of CityPickle dollars, which can be applied to any type of booking at any one of our locations.

To learn about how to check and redeem your CityPickle dollars check out this helpful article.

I want to give a gift card to someone who doesn't have a CityPickle account

You have two options! Firstly you can invite them to make an account with us before sending them a gift card by sending this link. Registration is super easy and should take less than two minutes. Once created, purchase the card on their behalf and the gift card will be delivered to the specified email, and credit will be applied to their account.

Is the gift card a surprise? If a user doesn't have an account associated with the email listed in the delivery detail section, CityPickle will create one and add the credit ourselves. Once you tell them, all the lucky recipient will need to do is visit this link and log in (via magic-link) with the same email to which they received their gift card.

From there they will be sent a magic link via email that they can click on to get into their new account and make bookings with their new CityPickle dollars.

Help my gift card balance is different than my CityPickle dollar balance

No need to worry. After a gift card is purchased we apply that credit to our booking software where it's translated into CityPickle dollars. You can ignore the listed gift card balance and instead, check your balance in your account details directly under your name. For more information on checking and redeeming your CityPickle dollars check out this article in our help center.